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I want to thank you for introducing me to the essential oils for my face. It is almost 10 years now that I have been using the Renew Serum, and my Facial skin is very soft and smooth. Not bad for a 84 year old lady! No one ever guesses my age; they always think I am quite a bit younger, thanks to the oils.

Tillie Eerdmans
I have always had dry flaky skin on my nose & forehead. Nothing I tried ever really helped, until I got my first bottle of Body Joy facial oil made from safe, natural products. I've been using it for about a year now, and skin flakes are a problem of the past. My skin texture has evened out to a smooth clear finish.

I also found that it softens up scaly elbows. I even use it to help my daughter's rough dry knees.

Body Joy Renew is light and refreshing, and the scent makes me feel good. Thank you for this fabulous product!

Mary R. Michigan
When Carol visited me in Holland about a year ago, I was surprised about her young skin and asked how she managed that. She told me about her natural oil products and she gave me a little bottle facial oil to try it.

Well I'm very satisfied with the oil. It smells good, my skin feels very soft, and it looks good and natural. It's nice to use a product from nature; it gives me a healthy and positive feeling. And all that; with only a few drips out of the bottle.

Carol, thank you very much, I hope many people will hear of your products and try them.

Jitske VanWinkelin, Netherlands
Carol's Spa impressed me the moment I walked in. The personal service and attention I got, made me feel like queen for the day.

Her products, some outsourced, and some personally created, are top of the line.

A pleasant atmosphere in a quaint little town was quite a treat. Thank you Carol for a lovely afternoon.
A quick note to thank you for the product! My skin is so sensitive that I can only use your healing lotion and now Maddie is using it too! It's wonderful!

Pamela E.
I love the rosehip soap! I used to get huge pimples in the middle of my cheeks at the same time every month. And I'm in my 30's! Yikes! As long as I keep using the rosehip soap and seaweed extract, I still look young, but without the teenager acne!

My daughter loves the rosehip soap, too. It keeps her face clear of acne, even though she is a teen.

It gives my heart peace to use products that I know are safe for the long term for me and my family, as well as the environment. Thanks, Carol!

Dr. Jen
Chiropractic USA
Three years ago, I came to Body Joy Spa because my mother and sister told me about the products they were using, and I was looking for something different than what I currently had.

I ended up loving the AHA face wash, the seaweed extract toner, and the daily moisturizers- Renew Serum and Fringe Benefit. For the occasional breakout, my husband and I both enjoy the acne spot treatment we wear overnight.

My favorite by far is the loose powder that Carol mixes for me to match my skin perfectly. I would not be able to find something like this in a store! I have been very satisfied with the coverage, and I really like the SPF that is in the make-up, too.

Body Joy Spa is a one of a kind place. I live in California, so when I come home, Body Joy Spa is one stop I always make!

Rebecca Huisman, CA
I got your healing lotion for a skin problem I had and it worked amazingly well. I kept your magnetic card on my fridge for the last 3 years so I never lose your number.

After getting your makeup I tried another cheaper mineral makeup- I thought I would save money, but it just wasn't the same. I didn't like it at all. Can you please send me 2 of your mineral makeup this time? I don't want to run out again, and I trust yours.

Jean N., Fla.
Please send me two of the Cream to Powder Foundation in the Creamy Almond shade. I ran out and used some stuff I got at the Dept. store and broke out right away all around my nose. It was not a pretty sight. Thanks!

Joan E. Holly, MI
I love the Rose HIp Seed Soap! It is so gentle and pure and skin feels really fresh and clean after using. I keep one bottle by the bathroom sink and another in the shower and use it as a body wash too.

It's a great product and whenever I think one of my bottles is getting a little depleted I get another one because I never want to run out - gotta keep that spare on hand because the hubby uses it too!

Linda J., Grand Rapids, MI
When I first started using Body Joy, I was a bit nervous as every other skin care system that I ever used made my face break out. I was pleasantly surprised that Body Joy’s system did not. The MSM lotion feels so light, not greasy at all , and best of all, no break outs! I use it all year round and it has helped my dry skin tremendously.

The MSM lotion is filled with great ingredients and it is nice to know that I don’t have to worry about what chemicals I am putting in my body while I am trying to moisturize my face.

When my teenage daughter came of age to start needing a face wash system, I bought her Body Joy. It has been the perfect fit for her. I do love your products. Thank you, Body Joy!

Rebecca Eerdmans
Safety Auto Glass
I really enjoy using the DNA Repair Cream. I like to use it as a foundation before I use the Mineral Make-up from BodyJoy spa. I like the way my skin feels after applying it. It has such a light feel and the make-up goes on so easily.

I have noticed that my skin looks more youthful when I use it. This product seems to be minimizing my pore size also. Great product!

Judith B., Wisconsin
"I think Carol's Body Joy products are top notch and totally safe. When make-up also gets absorbed into the body, I can't be too careful. Carol has a great selection of products of the highest quality for any complexion and her home studio is very welcoming. She is a fantastic resource!"

Jen E., Wisconsin
"I have attended Carol's meetings on essential oils and came away with new information each time. I also buy Body Joy skin care products and have had a facial done by Carol. Each time I have changed to use products Carol has recommended I have been very satisfied with the results and continue to use them. The facial I have received from her was the best I have ever had and whenever I want another facial I will go to her. I would highly recommend working with Carol and have found her to be very helpful and concerned about her customers."

Sheree M., Fall River, Wi
"Carol provides a client-based service including personalized skin care, natural skin care products, massage therapies, bio-feedback analysis and EOBBD essential oils for all your health and beauty needs. I have been using her makeup and skin care products for years and highly recommend them, and her!"

Linda Grace, MI
"Carol formulates the best natural skin care products on the market. If you haven't tried them I highly recommend that you do. She is also a very wonderful woman and has helped me tremendously to suceed in my business venture in Essential Oils."

Linda M. MN