March 20th, 2018

Benefits of Seaweed

The benefits of seaweed are easily taken for granted. It actually has some amazing properties that enhance the human body in a variety of ways. For many years, the advantages of seaweed were a closely guarded secret, but the word is out. Seaweed has the potential to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin with its ability to destroy bacteria and its bounty of minerals. 

Seaweed has a mixture of vitamins, minerals and trace elements forming its composition. Humans have the same sort of mixture internally. This similarity enables the minerals and healing elements of seaweed to be absorbed through the skin, making seaweed an almost perfect solution to many skin conditions. Seaweed is very versatile. It is found not only in food but also in lotions and toners for skin care, for its various health benefits.

Seaweed is one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom. Growing in a marine environment, sea vegetation naturally absorbs an abundance of minerals found in the ocean. It contain high amounts of calcium and phosphorous and is extremely high in magnesium, iron, iodine and sodium. Seaweed contains a wide variety of vitamin components, including vitamin A, BI, C and B. Seaweed also contains a tremendous concentration of protein and a significant amount of healthy carbohydrates. It may well be the most nutritionally-packed food on the planet. A super antioxidant with its natural elements, seaweed is the perfect answer to skin drained of its nutrients due to stress or poor hygiene habits. Using natural seaweed extract directly on the skin is a popular beauty treatment that introduces the healing effects of the sea vegetable right to the skin.

Seaweed has wonderful moisturizing properties, and is also an astringent, so it works to help tighten the skin while moisturizing, making it appear more youthful. Because of its ability to draw out toxins and impurities, along with its regenerating properties it also makes an excellent pre-treatment for facial masks

Our fantastic Seaweed Extract toner contains the natural benefits of seaweed extract, is pH balanced for the skin, and is popular with both men and women.

Seaweed Extract is excellent for use after cleansing  to return skin back to its normal pH. This helps to prevent overproduction of oils, and the skin trying to balance itself from use of harsh cleansers or over cleansing.

It makes an excellent after-shave for men, hydrating the skin while tightening the pores, giving your skin a cool fresh feeling.

What's in this product?

Ingredients:Seaweed extract, Purified Water, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylexylglycerin.

Directions:  Liberally spritz onto clean skin or apply with a cotton pad and follow with your skin serums or moisturizer.  Use am and pm.

Helpful Hint:  You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to our Seaweed Extract for even greater skin rejuventation.  Some good choices are Geranium, Lavender or Chamomile.

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