March 20th, 2018

Mineral Powder Info

Have you heard the buzz about it? Finally, a makeup that's truly good for the skin. These luxurious mineral powders are made exclusively from micronized minerals. They have natural healing qualities and exceptional silky texture. They form a protective barrier while allowing skin to breathe. Lightweight, crease resistant and long lasting, they are talc free, oil free and non-irritating, with extremely low allergy risk.

Two of the minerals, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, provide non-irritating, chemical free, broad spectrum sun protection. Due to their exceptional adherence, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, and natural sun protection, these minerals are ideal for post-laser redness, rosacea, distended capillaries, hyperpigmentation, and acne prone skin. Mineral powders have a nearly zero allergy risk with no harmful chemicals, talc, dyes, or alcohol. They are highly recommended and endorsed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons, dermatologists, estheticians and used by professionals for post-procedural coverage.

Their exceptional adherence and crease resistance keeps makeup looking fresh all day. The natural pigments easily adhere to the skin, which gives our Mineral Powder its long-lasting effects. The weightless coverage corrects most skin problems while light-reflective minerals minimize appearance of fine lines without adding shine. Minerals add life and glow to the skin, making it look flawless, radiant and luminous. Mineral makeup can actually improve your skin. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, the makeup is great for calming down redness from blemishes and rosacca. It helps to soften lines and reduce swelling.

Essential nutrients replenish and protect, neutralize free radicals, soothe and smooth skin for a natural, flawless complexion. These powders are oil free, will not clog the pores. Mineral powder is an inert substance and will not support bacteria, spoil or oxidize.

The makeup is so easy to apply you don't need a mirror, but you'll want one so you can see how beautiful you look. Take the Kabuki Brush and swirl it into the makeup, tap off the excess and buff away the lines and imperfections.

Body Joy Mineral Makeup is quick, easy, and mistake proof. It looks perfect and creates a veil to make your skin look luminous. When you look in the mirror you will see a pulled together glowing woman.

Body Joy Mineral Makeup also contains natural safe sun protection and is water and sweat resistant, making it the perfect makeup to wear for outdoors activities. It not only protects the skin, but gives it life and resilience.
5 Reasons to Switch to Mineral Makeup and enhance your beauty

1. It lets your skin breathe
For many women, regular makeup can block pores and lead to ugly breakouts; mineral makeup is feather-light, making it a popular option, especially among women with sensitive skin. This lightness means you can-not should, occasionally wear your makeup to bed (on those late nights when you're just too pooped for a beauty routine) without paying a price the next morning.

2. It feels better than regular makeup
Many makeup formulations can be heavy and oily. Without the mineral oils, talc, and various other weighty ingredients found in traditional beauty products, mineral makeup does not create an uncomfortable mask-like, heavy or greasy feel. Mineral makeup is especially helpful if your complexion is oily to begin with.

3. It's better for your health
Even though skin presents a barrier to the outside world, it isn't totally impervious to impurities. You can and do absorb a considerable amount of stuff through your skin, including the chemical ingredients found in regular makeup (alcohol, dyes, fragrances, fillers—Yikes9, which can be hazardous to your skin and your health. Mineral makeup contains mostly finely pulverized minerals, clays and natural coloring agents. Zinc, a common ingredient, helps soothe red, inflamed skin and provides protection (along with titanium dioxide) against the sun's damaging rays.

4. It helps you avoid infections
One of the lesser-known—and definitely unappealing aspects of regular makeup is that it can practically become a petri dish for microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and yeast. Minerals are by their nature inorganic, and so are a lot less likely to breed such disgusting little critters. Of course, that assumes you're following such beauty hygiene basics as washing your hands before touching your face, using clean brushes (the best way to apply the minerals) and maintaining a reasonably sanitary cosmetics storage area.

5. It allows you to look your best
If you're thinking, "Nice to know the mineral makeup won't trash my skin, but does it do what makeup is supposed to do in the first place, which is to make me look my absolute best?" The answer fortunately is YES! Minerals are known for refracting light; this gives your face a delightful glow while making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. (Hint: Mineral makeup is best applied in several sheer layers, until you achieve the desired coverage.) Pure micronized minerals applied sparingly with the correct brush will make your skin appear flawless.

Allows the skin to heal

Allows skin to breathe

Lightweight and long lasting

Gives broad spectrum sun protection

Gives complete coverage

Controls oils and acne

Calms rosacea

Can mix with your moisturizer, making it into a cream, for dry skin

Easy to apply

 Loose Powder Mineral Foundation    Will last 4-6 months $28.95  Click For Purchase Options
Our micronized mineral powders have an exceptional silky texture.   They form a protective barrier on the skin, which promotes healing while allowing the skin to breathe. 
Key ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide non-irritating natural sun protection.
Body Joy Mineral powders are talc-free, fragrance-free, and dye-free and paraben-free.

Available in 14 Shades:

Almond- medium w/ yellow
Beige- medium neutral
Caramel- rich warm brown
Clay- medium yellow red
Coffee- dark red brown
Cream- very fair, neutral
Earth- dark yellow brown
Honey- medium tan/peach
Natural Almond- deep w/ yellow
Nude- fair neutral
Pale Almond- fair, yellow
Pale Linen- medium olive
Pale Porcelain- very fair w/ pink
Warm Honey- lt. golden tan