March 20th, 2018

About Us

The Body Joy Story!

Body Joy formulas happened out of Carol’s desire to find truly safe and pure skin care products without the harmful chemicals, cheap  fillers and stabilizers, artificial colors and fragrances, and animal ingredients and by-products. 

In searching the market for products that were pure, effective and healthy to use, it became clear that Most Products Claiming to be Natural have Harmful Ingredients, yet companies can label them as natural because they do have small amounts of natural ingredients.

With a 25 Year Background in Skin Care along with several years in Aromatherapy, as well as a degree as an Esthetician, Carol Joy, wanting the best, started formulating products for her own personal use, and then for friends and family.  Because of the positive results of her products, the word spread, and many  health and beauty conscious individuals searching for pure products, are now happy users of Body Joy Beauty Skin Care.

The skin and  lungs are ports of entry for things in our environment!  What we apply  and breathe can have a huge effect on our whole body, including our Emotions,  Mental Alertness, and even Spiritual Awareness.

Body Joy formulations can enhance these things amazingly well.

As an added benefit, when you use our Body Joy formulations, you will have peace of mind knowing you will not be putting more toxins into your body or the environment!

It is our desire to provide Ultimate Support for individuals who appreciate superior products to help them stay young looking, healthy and joyful.  Join those who have discovered the Body Joy Beauty Products!