March 20th, 2018

Properly Feed Your Amazing Skin

Our Skin is the largest organ we have!   It gives us protection, gets rid of toxins, and takes in nutrition.  It can take in toxins, so we want to only put good, healthy, natural materials on our skin.  We want to work with our skin, not against it.
   Common sense goes a long ways!  Ingredients closest to Nature are the best.   Earth minerals and microorganisms in the soil feed plants from which we get things good for our skin.   Synthetics do not have the energy frequency, nor the complexity of truly natural and correctly processed skin enhancements.
   An example is comparing synthetic, which are chemicals made and mixed in Chemical Factories, with plant compounds.   Synthetic vitamin C has 2 compounds, while vitamin C from fruits and vegetables has hundreds of compounds.   The difference is huge!   And this is found to be the case in all similar comparisons.